UK Hide insisted that the leather was perfect for my job &  suggested I find another upholsterer.They did refund my money & I purchased a different type of non Connolly leather but not from them.I am both pleased with the result & the reduced cost of this material.

The new leather is tan equivalent to the period Ferrari colour & is a good combination with the carpet & exterior paint.

This is the housing for the separate boot & filler cap release handles.It was a challenge to recover  the metal frame & reinstall but patience & determination produced a good result.

The modern equivalent of the original leather is sold by UK Hide Co. as Connolly Autolux. The leather I bought was to be as original but was not supple at all. It was a similar flexibility to the existing 40 year old hide & marked & shaded.My upholsterer was so unhappy with it & said   he was unsure would not produce a good result. I did not proceed on that basis & contacted the supplier where I ran into difficulties.

JULY 2010

I have always tried to keep to original as far as possible &  I could have kept to  original colour scheme  but that was not my preferred choice. I have now  changed both paint & interior colours but to Ferrari correct period colours. I wanted to be sensitive in this respect without becoming a slave to originality. Changing the paint colour was easily done when going back to bare metal as was  replacing the leather to my preference. In most other respects the car is as original

I have owned my car for more than 12 years but over the past 10 years the original leather was deteriorating badly.

The thread has pulled out of the now perished leather on the front seat headrest in so many other areas & it is impossible to repair.My original intention was to keep the original leather but even if it could be repaired it had degraded to the point that it was no longer unserviceable. My choice of new leather is a Ferrari Fawn equivalent to the period original VM3218

The rear seats were largely unused & the leather is in good condition other than being really creased.Over a 40 years period I would not think they had ever  been sat on.The other leather had been  Connolised & dyed repeatedly but had failed & if the front seats had been like the rear I would not have redone the interior leather.

New carpets were made by Coverdale Carpets of Atherton Lancashire & they proved themselves to be a capable & reliable company.

I had the new set of carpets made in a special order Dark Blue Wilton which were a perfect match to the exterior colour & a suitable contrast with the new leather Although the leather is not  an original Connolly the new colours go well & I am  happy the result.

The new interior colours have given the car a great boost.

For confirmation of the hand made nature of the cars you need  look no further than the  the piece of tape on the inside of each hand made piece of aluminium.Interestingly 238 appears on some interior parts whereas others are numbered 239

Build number of 238 & date is handwritten on most  piece. See on the inner surface aluminium of the door card,rear centre arm rest,rear window trim & front edge of the rear parcel shelf have  similar  pieces of  hand torn tape

Leather dries out over time & the effect of UV light causes serious deterioration.Even in a climate like the UK, sunlight has a damaging effect on natural products & leather  is particular susceptible.The leather dries out & in many old cars does not receive the repeated hide food applications that it needs

The rear seat leather was largely unused & still in great condition other than being really creased. Apart from their age of  30 years old no one had ever sat on them.They had been Connolised & dyed repeatedly & if the front seats had been in similar condition I would not have  needed to reupholster the car.

This is the finished car & I have done all I am going to do..

There is nothing left that has not

been repaired,replaced,overhauled or reconditioned.

Weather permitting,I intend to drive it!!

There are quite a number of vinyl trim pieces that fit around the headlining to cover the internal details above the waistline The pieces that fits above the front screen is clearly also houses the sun visors & the interior light. The  rear roof trim covers the rear edge of the headlining above the heated  screen  with the through flow ventilation system grilles. These trim pieces are hand made of aluminium & covered by a thin foam  foam then matching vinyl.

The headlining is made in three layers , thin canvas, a thin foam layer & a matching vinyl sewn lengthways.

Evo-Stik Timebond adhesive as a contact adhesive that allows a little time for adjustment & repositioning. Normal contact can be difficult to apply on porous or absorbent material. This adhesive is an easily applied jelly & enables a degree of movement rather than giving ons shot  at accurately sticking difficult pieces  first time..

I have no d that the colour ways of    tan leather & Navy Blue Wilton carpets  work well together.The original scheme was a match which I have replaced with a complementary contrast. I prefer the latter as the original interior was not suitable for the original silver paint & even less so with Blue Sera Metallic.

These are the rear wheel covers that form part of the rear quarter trim adjacent to the rear seats.The top section of these covers  is secured by the pieces below which clip over the internal body section  at the bottom of the rear side windows& the covers.The leading edge is secured by the rubber  door trim /draught exclude


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